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We love Portland and most of all we know God loves the people of Portland. In January 2020, the Lord began to speak to us about opening our lives to something new and not being close-minded to what God wanted to do in our lives. 

A couple of weeks later God spoke to us to plant a church in the Portland area. At that moment God said that this was something He wanted and asked would we do it for Him? Our answer was “of course!”

Around two months later, the City of Portland began to go through one of the most challenging times in its history including the pandemic and 100 days of protest. 

Despite all of the challenges Portland has experienced, we believe that God wants to bring healing to the city and for wants us to be a part of it. 

We see a beautiful city. We see a harvest of the lost being found. We see the local church shining bright in the darkness. We see God raising up a powerful church filled with the power of God that will help people find, follow, and fulfill God’s story for their life.

Your story matters to God and it matters to us at Story Church. We believe the rest of your story will be the best of your story filled with God’s goodness. 

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